Warnings / Disclaimers



  • The Longevity Zapper should be fully charged prior to use.  See Charging Instructions.

  • The Longevity Zapper should not and cannot be used while charging.


  • The Longevity Zapper should never be subjected to water.  See Section on Water Damage.


  • The Longevity Zapper is for experimental use only.


  • The Longevity Zapper should be kept out of reach of Children.


  • The Longevity Zapper emits an electrical current that may, shock, burn, and/or sting or irritate your skin.


  • The Longevity Zapper contains NiMh batteries that need to be disposed of properly.


  • Never Short-Circuit the two contacts on the Longevity Zapper while the unit is “On”.  This means, that when the unit is “On” do not set the unit on a conductive (i.e., metal) surface, or place it in a pocket that may have keys or coins that bridge the two contacts. 





  • No claim is made that the Longevity Zapper can cure any disease.


  • Longevity Warehouse, New Horizon Health, David Wolfe, and/or any distributors of the Longevity Zapper, hereby disclaim any responsibility for the use or misuse of this product (Longevity Zapper).