Belt Clip / Lanyard

  • The Belt-Clip may be removed or rotated using the Hex-Wrench (5/64”) supplied with the unit. Simply insert the wrench into the hole in the Belt-Clip and loosen the screw.


  • Should You Need To Replace the Screw:  The screw is a; 6-32 Thread x 1/8-inch Long, Stainless Steel, Button Head Socket Cap Screw.  Never insert a screw longer than 1/8-inch into the Belt-Clip mounting hole as this may cause damage to the battery or cause a potentially dangerous short-circuit.


  • The lanyard may be attached to the Zapper as shown.


  • The lanyard may help protect the Zapper from being accidently dropped


  • Be careful not to use the Zapper and/or Lanyard during any type of activity where the Zapper may come loose or the Lanyard may get caught.